Fingerprint Dust Removal

The investigators leave the scene and you find black powder all over the commonly touched surfaces. What do you do now? You grab for your favorite over the counter cleaner and rag and start spraying while wiping down the affect areas. To your dismay it seems you are just making it worse and spreading it around.

 Fingerprint dust can be one of the most difficult and frustrating things to clean. It is made up of a very fine black graphite powder that you do not want to get wet. It seems to spread faster than you can clean it. 

When a forensic team dusts for fingerprints, they literally brush the graphite dust onto every touchable surface of the room (or car) being tested.  This is not because they are trying to make a mess, but rather to solve the crime, by finding the fingerprints of the suspects. 

The substance spreads onto visible surfaces, nooks and crannies and deep into carpeting pile. Trying to clean it yourself is futile. Water actually activates the dust, that is very difficult to get rid of  with over-the-counter cleaning products.

 Call our team and we’ll arrive at your residence or business ready with our specialized equipment that removes the traces of fingerprint dust.

We handle in house clean up, transportation and proper disposal of biohazards in Florida.

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