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A: We are trained and proficient in infectious waste handling and decontamination procedures that are effective against dangerous bloodborne pathogens including but not limited to HIV-1, Hepatitis-B Virus, and MRSA. We are trained and equipped in removal and disposal of biohazards. We specialize in trauma and crime scene abatement, suicides, decomposition, natural deaths, and animal biohazard remediation.

A: Normal cleaning companies and others can not clean up biohazards unless properly trained in the disinfecting / removal of the bio-waste. Improper cleaning can lead to serious risk factors, problems with future odors and public health hazards.  

A: Due to the nature of our business all scenes are handled on an individual basis, and we will be happy to come out and give you a free consultation.
A: Home, business, and auto insurance usually cover the costs for our services, we will handle the billing and dealing with the insurance agency for you.

A: Our company can work with you to see the best plan in dealing with this matter. There is also helpful Government resource’s on our links page which could be valuable to you.

A: Many people do not know that all the agencies listed above will not do anything but remove the injured or deceased from the place of incident. This in turn leaves the property owner responsible of cleaning up after they leave.

Absolute Bio-Clean is a biohazard cleanup company which is also know as a crime scene cleanup company. We cleanup after someone passes away from natural or unnatural causes. Bio hazards include, blood and bodily fluids. You should consider hiring a professional company not only for safety but also to ease the emotional stress of cleaning the scene yourself.

Would you hire a plumber to do your roof? Not only is a carpet cleaning company not trained or certified to clean up a biohazard scene, they are potentially using the same equipment on a non biohazard scenes, which can cause potentially infectious disease to spread.

No, if there is nothing disturbing the scene and the scene is contained to the same residence or area the scene will not get worse. Many companies will use scare tactics to make you feel rushed on your decision to use them. Please do not feel rushed and take your time to make the best choice for your family.

Many companies will tell you this service is 100% covered by your insurance. There is no way to know this if you have not spoken to your insurance company. Please take your time and contact your agent before signing anything or getting the scene cleaned.

No, we see many times people getting taken advantage of by other companies who claim they are here to help. You should not sign anything until you understand what you are signing, many times customers will sign an opened ended contract which can result in further emotional and physical  loss. If the biohazard company you are hiring is professional they will be able to give you a final price prior to the job start. Please take your time to choose the best company for your needs.

Yes- As long as the scene is released by the police from further investigation there is no law stating you cannot enter the residence. Many companies will say you are not allowed to enter until it is cleaned, and police will recommend you don’t enter due to visual and emotional reasons. But again as long as you have the right to enter you may do so, please do not allow anyone to say you can not enter. But please know the scene may be graphic and may have strong odors. Both of which are very hard to forget, especially if it is someone you care about.

We can either clean or remove the blood from a carpet in your home, office or vehicle. There are a few different methods we would use to remove the blood contaimination from your location. First we would need to see the area that has the blood present. Call us 24/7/365 to go over the options.

Yes, we are a biohazard company, and this type of cleaning is exactly what we specialize in. Call us 24/7/365

No, we will never ever post any pictures or videos of the scene. We take pride in ensuring that we will never violate your privacy at this sensitive time.

No, Absolute Bio-Clean does not and will not pay commissions to the technicians. This makes sure you are getting a fair price based on the scene and not on how the tech is feeling that day.

No, all work is performed by Absolute Bio-Clean staff. From the first call to the end of the scope of work. You will never get an answering service or an unknowledgeable technician.

No, we are strictly a biohazard cleanup company, not a company who bounces around from one type of specialty to the next. We specialize in cleaning up human/ animal blood, human filth and unsafe dwellings. Be careful choosing a company who is not specialized in biohazard cleanup.

No, we are strictly a Florida based company and service all 67 counties in the state. Make sure you are dealing with a local company and not a national referral service.

The following items below are frequently asked questions by our clients. For more information, please give us a call at: (321)202-8531

Crime Scence Cleanup

Is a very specialized form of cleanup. It generally involves a type of bio-cleanup where blood, fluids, chemicals, mold, bacteria or other substances, which may be harmful to people, are present.


Means pathogenic micro-organisms that are present in human blood and can cause disease in humans. These pathogens include, but are not limited to, hepatitis B virus (HBV) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Suicide Cleanup

Let professionals handle it. Not only will we be able to handle any and all bio-hazardous materials, but we will remove the evidence of this terrible event so the family will not have to deal with it.
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